you fucked up
Luke FCKed up and is making a public apology to 5C (Lizzie):

Dear 5C (Lizzie),
Dear 5C (now I know it’s Lizzie), While I could blame it on the fire alarm — because who wasn’t totally freaked out at 5:07 a.m.? – I have no excuse for not even grabbing a pillow or at least a (long) sock to throw over my junk. I just panicked, ran into the hallway, tripped over Mrs. Renfrew’s Chihuahua, and then landed bottoms up on you. To your credit you looked away, even as certain parts of me accidentally got entangled in your bathrobe (you have to admit it has a lot of pockets for a robe). Anyways, I’m really sorry and would like make it up to you with dinner or at least a drink. I promise to cover up. Your neighbor, Luke.
Cover My A**
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Should 5C (Lizzie) forgive me?


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