you fucked up
Alison FCKed up and is making a public apology to Gavin:

Dear Gavin,
Heyyy Gavin. It’s Alison…I met you at Bar Lubitsch Saturday night…yeah…I was the one throwing back Patron shots like they were FCKing cake balls. But you know that already.

Because I stuck you with the bill. And left. I don’t even know what to say, I’m so embarrassed. You bought me a shot…and were very sweet by the way…but I was basically more into hanging out with my friends…so after you left, my friend Christine asked me what I was drinking, and I said Patron. So she orders more Patron shots. And before she could pay for them, I said AS A JOKE to the bartender that you told me to put them on your tab. And he did, and you obviously didn’t notice, cause why would you…

But anyway, that’s what happened. And I’m really, really sorry because you seemed like a genuinely nice guy, and a gentleman, and I’m basically totally disgusted with myself. So if you see this…I hope you forgive me…and if I see you out I promise I’ll pay for all your drinks. I’m really sorry Gavin.
Tequila Made Me Do It
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Should Gavin forgive me?


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