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  • I Was Trippin'

    Hey Mario - I just wanted to apologize if I seemed like I was a little weird the other day.

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     From: Scotty
  • You're Not a Stupid Bitch

    You're Not a Stupid Bitch

    Mommy didn’t mean to call you a stupid bitch in front of all those other dogs at the park the other day. But you gotta know that eating shit is way ghetto -- you’re...

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     From: Liza
  • I'll Buy You Tater Tots

    I’m so sorry. I thought it would be funny if I pushed you in the pool on Saturday, but I had no idea you couldn’t swim. (You should have told me that!) I hope I didn’t...

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     From: Stevie
  • Tequila Made Me Do It

    Tequila Made Me Do It

    Heyyy Gavin. It’s Alison…I met you at Bar Lubitsch Saturday night…yeah…I was the one throwing back Patron shots like they were FCKing cake balls. But you know that...

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     From: Alison
  • I'm a Douchebag

    I know I told you that your bike was stolen, but I didn’t lock it up…. I’m a douchebag, sorry.

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     From: allan
  • Won't Happen Again

    Won't Happen Again

    Look, all I have to say is I fcked up. I’m so sorry you had to see that text exchange between me and Greg. And the one to Hunter. That one we’d already discussed, but...

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     From: Amanda
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